SES San Francisco 2011: Quotables Pt. 3


Search Engine Strategies: What you need to know about search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO) and the tactics and best practices of implementing each in your business’ online strategy.  We here at AudioAcrobat believe in furthering our knowledge in these areas and sharing as much as we can with our readers on this here WordPress weblog.

During our attendance at the 2011 SES San Francisco event, we made a point of live-tweeting notable quotes and facts from our favorite sessions and are proud to present our readers with a selection of our favorites.  Topics covered include Information Architecture, SEO Tools, User Generated SEO, WordPress, HTML5 and Mobile Marketing.

In today’s posting, we’ll cover the third installment of SES San Francisco 2011 quotables, highlighting our favorite nuggets of information taken away from the event.  Did you catch Pt. 1?  How about Pt. 2?  Here’s Pt. 3!

WordPress: Power to the People!

It goes to show that even newcomers to WordPress can educate (and empower) the masses.  While Matthew Bailey, Paulo Pessanha and Christopher Auman may not all be long-time WordPress aficionados, they presented just enough information during WordPress: Power to the People! to get a lot of attendees excited about this free, open-source platform … and rightfully so.

While we’ve been (actively) using WordPress for just over a year now, it hadn’t dawned on us that there are still people in the world that are not hip to what WordPress has to offer in the way of a blogging platform, content management system and all-around enterprise solution for the web.  Empowerment is putting it lightly, WordPress essentially places all of the control into the user’s hands … and can be managed by users with little to no prior technical knowledge.  Viva la WordPress!

One of the greatest fears for developers, both seasoned vet’s and those new to the game, is the level of support one can find when roadblocks pop up.  When it comes to finding solutions, meeting experts and picking their brains, there’s no competition … WordPress has got it locked down.  Search the forums, read the codex and learn to love DIY.

What’s better than an inexpensive website solution?  How about one that is free?!  It’s difficult to imagine that there are still companies believing that they need to be anchored to the old school legacy CMS systems that are either a) no longer supported or b) will never be updated.

…and the reply

Remember the old adage, you get what you pay for?

This could be argued from either side of the coin, but if you do have difficulties with WordPress it is helpful to know that there is a world full of developers, programmers, coders and companies out there who will manage the technology for you.  Where are they hiding?  CodePoet would be the first stone we’d turn over.

Those are our favorites from WordPress: Power to the People! … Do you have a favorite quote from above or found within Pt. 1 or Pt. 2?  Perhaps you’d like to share?  Please leave a comment below for other readers to see.  We’ll be prepping Pt. 4!

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