[Blogging] The Pains And Pleasures Of A WordPress.com Exodus

WordPress to AudioAcrobat

Last week we pulled the trigger and began the exodus from WordPress.com to our self-hosted WordPress installation here on the AudioAcrobat.com domain. While overall it went pretty smoothly, there were several unforeseen hurdles along the way. What we hope to accomplish in today’s post is providing you with the information which helped us overcome these […]

CloudMagic: Universal Search Bar [#FF]


In today’s post, we will dive deeper into the tweets of Santa Clara based personal data search startup, CloudMagic (@cloudmagic) and the Twitter accounts they have chosen to follow … a mirror, if you will, into the soul(-cial media) behind a company who has been recently heralded by Sarah Perez of TechCrunch as “one of those little undiscovered gems that has turned into an app that I now launch every day”!

Appsplit: Kickstarter-ish for Apps [#FollowFriday]


We’re all big fans of Kickstarter around here, and are intrigued to discover a similar themed service out there with a special affinity toward helping mobile applications get funding and development through crowdfunding and pre-order campaigns, as well as facilitating the legal aspects of buying and selling already completed apps.