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[Video] How to Record Phone Calls Using an iPhone

Ever wondered how to record a phone call on your iPhone? I've spoken with a lot of members in the past who were looking to record their calls using an iPhone, and today I'd like to share with you a short video tutorial which walks through this process, in under two minutes. It's really simple and takes advantage of the iPhone's built-in Add Call / Merge Call … [Read More]

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[Android] Cogi – Best Voice Recording App

Lifehacker recently posted about the Best Voice Recording App for Android, Cogi - Notes & Voice Recorder, which we wanted to share with our readers as our smartphones and tablets are becoming more and more attached to us in our daily lives. This free … [Read More]

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[iOS] OverHeard: Always-On Audio Recording App

If you've ever found yourself remembering things differently than those around you, and not being able to reproduce hard data on the last three minutes of conversation, then OverHeard is the iOS App for you. In addition to having the ability to record up to … [Read More]