Verelo: Web Monitoring Made Easy [#FollowFriday]

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Chances are, your website is not being as closely monitored as it could, or should be. We’re also venturing to guess that your website is not being checked from multiple worldwide locations, nor are you alerted when your visitors are experiencing downtime or if malware or database connection errors are affecting your site, amongst many other possible issues.

Pocket-lint: Gadget News + Reviews [#FollowFriday]

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When TechCrunch updates iOS 6 details sourced from another publication, you know we’re interested. Who was that news source you ask? This week’s featured #FF account, of course!

Mobile Roadie: DIY Mobile Apps [#FollowFriday]

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If you need a quality mobile app developed, but don’t feel like paying through the teet to have a world-renowned developer or development company do the work, we have a fantastic solution to share with you!