[Webinars] October Schedule Announcement

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Brian here with AudioAcrobat checking in to share our upcoming webinar schedule for the last 3/4 of the month of October, and wishing our readers a safe and fun Halloween!

There have been a dozen or so AudioAcrobat members who’ve had the pleasure of winning a free month of service while attending our free training classes in September, and we want to offer the same opportunity to those of you who will be joining us this month as well!

Here’s the schedule for the month of October, and beneath you’ll find a bit more information about what each class has to offer:

Wednesday, October 16:

Free, Fast and Furious!

Thursday, October 17:

Create Money Making, Call-To-Action Videos!

Friday, October 18:

Gadgets & Gizmos, Oh My!

Monday, October 21:

Free, Fast and Furious!

Tuesday, October 22:

Create Money Making, Call-To-Action Videos!

Wednesday, October 23:

Podcast Power!

Thursday, October 24:

How To Get A FREE AudioAcrobat Account!

Monday, October 28:

Create Money Making, Call-To-Action Videos!

Tuesday, October 29:

Free, Fast and Furious!

Wednesday, October 30:

Landing Pages: Lead Capture, eCommerce + More!

Thursday, October 31:

Podcast Power!


If you like what you see above, you’re going to LOVE what you see below!  Learn more about these upcoming webinars and click through to register for FREE!

Free, Fast and Furious!

An Impressive Roll-Out of AudioAcrobat Features

What can AudioAcrobat do?  It is amazing! There are some new surprises, too!

When members say to us, “Wow, I didn’t know that you can do that!”, we know that it’s time to strike a match and ignite the rocket fuel.  Imagine that AudioAcrobat’s world-famous trainings are the launch pad and our stellar features are the vehicle in which your business will blast off into the next dimension. Your ticket is waiting!

Podcast Power!

Place your Audio + Video in front of the world’s largest audience: iTunes

Discover the simplicity of RSS feeds, how to increase your PR virality, the beauty of revenue generation and how to pack the most punch into your productions … all in under an hour!

Harness the power of Podcasting and learn how to place your Audio and Video in front of the world’s largest audience: iTunes!

In this training, we’ll help you to discover the simplicity of RSS feeds, how to increase your PR virality, the beauty of revenue generation and how to pack the most punch into your productions…all in under an hour!

Your future self will thank your present self for taking a moment to register below and for joining us on this guided tour through one of AudioAcrobat’s most powerful features.

Landing Pages: Lead Capture, eCommerce + More!

Create Professional, Branded Landing Pages with AudioAcrobat

Designing a professional, branded landing page which includes audio, video, images, eCommerce, newsletter signup and just about anything else you can imagine has never been easier!

What would you say if we told you that you could create a professional, branded landing page which includes audio, video, images, eCommerce, newsletter signup and just about anything else you could imagine…right from within your AudioAcrobat dashboard?

We’re confident that your answer will be, “OMG, Yes!”. If this is the case, please take a moment to register below and join us for a guided tour through this powerful AudioAcrobat feature.

How To Get A FREE AudioAcrobat Account!

Discover the Secret Many Members Have Been Using for Years

Why spend money on an AudioAcrobat account when you can have one for FREE?  Better yet, why pay AudioAcrobat when AudioAcrobat could be paying YOU?

Interested in how to get an AudioAcrobat account for FREE? That’s right, reduce your credit card bill NOW!

We have members who use the service daily, yet haven’t paid a dime in YEARS! Learn how they do it!  We’ll also be highlighting several markets which are currently RAGING HOT and are guaranteed to help increase your passive income FAST — join us!

Create Money Making, Call-To-Action Videos!

Engage Passive Viewers and Increase Sales via Video

Don’t let your viewers leave the page without getting excited about your brand AND taking action.

In the hyper-technical world of today, where virtually everyone on the web has A.D.D., the sad-but-true reality is that many videos are viewed passively, where viewers watch once and leave when finished.

This is excruciatingly painful for those of us who spend our time creating and marketing high quality video content!

Want something better? Have the desire to trigger EXCITEMENT and ACTION about your product or service?  Join us and learn several strategies to increase viewer engagement, interaction and most of all, SALES!

Faith Based Initiatives using AudioAcrobat Media Tools

Excite Members About Their Faith and Generate Greater Giving

AudioAcrobat is widely used as a preferred media recording, broadcasting and distribution service by religious and spiritual organizations and groups worldwide.

Here, we will discuss the features and strategies surrounding faith based initiatives through Web based media broadcasting, including recording/broadcasting sermons, generating greater giving using call-to-action videos, increasing member participation and involvement by capturing and sharing testimonials and much more!

Gadgets & Gizmos, Oh My!

Explore Crucial Hardware, Software and Web-Based Tools

We’ve scoured the internet for the best deals on essential devices and software.  Join us and enjoy the fruits of our labor in this free webinar!

With so many different audio, video, telephony and web-based devices and programs out there today, researching the best headsets, microphones and editing software, etc. can seem a bit daunting.

That’s why we’ve put our most savvy team members to work on unearthing the best deals on the most reputable and cost-effective solutions to your recording and publishing needs.

In this webinar, we will share with you what to look out for, where to be looking and how to avoid paying full price ever again!

Did you find the above information helpful?  

Do you feel compelled to register for one or more webinars?  Please let us know!

Comment below and connect with us for daily updates!

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  1. Juan Carlos Bouvier says

    Hello Brian:
    Back on December 5, 2012 you publishecAUDACITY: HOW TO REMOVE LAME [MAC OS X]. Unfortunately I decided to install the LAME mp3 decoder which I have been unable to remove from the hidden files after following yours and others’ suggestions for my mac os (Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5). Have you received any other comments or do you have any other suggestions for removing the encoder? Unfortunately, I am now unable to use save changes made to mp3s or other formats because of the “hidden mp3 library”. Best Regards

    • Brian Ball says

      Hi Juan, thanks for reaching out!

      Sorry to hear that you’re having difficulty removing LAME. Are you still seeing it when the Terminal commands are entered as seen in my original post?

      I haven’t received any other comments on this topic, but would imagine that one or more of the resources linked to in my original post might be able to point you in the right direction.

      Wish I had more info on the subject for you, and good luck!