Convert WAV to MP3 in Sony Sound Forge

Aah, the familiar Sony logo … nothing reminds us more of products, and more recently software, that we’ve enjoyed for decades over than this familiar branding.  When Sony purchased Sonic Foundry (the creators of Sound Forge) in late 2003, we were very excited for the possibilities.  Needless to say, Sound Forge has stood the test of time and is showing no sign of relenting the #1 spot as the premiere audio editing + conversion software for PC anytime soon.

In today’s posting we will take our readers through the process of converting WAV to MP3 using Sony Sound Forge version 9.  This is often helpful if our readers have long WAV files that exceed AudioAcrobat’s maximum upload file size of 256MB.

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Step 1: Open in Sound Forge

Having the WAV file resident on our reader’s hard drive is the ‘given’ here, and the first step is to open the WAV file in Sony Sound Forge.  Right-click the file and choose “Open With” and select Sound Forge from the list.  Don’t see it listed?  Open Sound Forge from the “Programs” portion of the “Start” menu on the left side of the task bar.  Open the software and click File –> Open, selecting the WAV file to be converted.

Note: In today’s posting, we are using Sound Forge version 9.  The current version is 10, and we’ve been loyal users since version 6.  All steps mentioned here should work just as well in any older versions within this range. If our readers find this to be inaccurate, please let us know by commenting on the page below and we’ll happily restructure today’s posting.

Once the file opens in Sound Forge, our readers will see something like this:

Step 2: Save As

It really is that simple.  When ready, simply press the ‘Save As’ button (File –> Save As) and select ‘MP3 Audio‘ from the list as seen below.  Click ‘Save‘ once the desired media format (MP3) has been selected.

At this point, the conversion has been completed, thus creating a brand new file in the MP3 format which has been saved to our readers hard drive.  Here, readers are welcome to head over to AudioAcrobat in an internet browser to begin the upload process.

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