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The #FollowFriday Series highlights today’s up-and-coming, active and all-around noteworthy Twitter accounts the AudioAcrobat staff deems worthy of following; while at the same time peering deeper into the soul(-cial media) of each account and providing a brief-yet-informative analysis.


After making 900+ #FollowFriday recommendations on Twitter throughout the first thirty seven weeks of 2011, it seems as though the AudioAcrobat team can safely say that we’re very excited to share this week’s featured profile with our readers … as we are to listen to the new Ladytron album which just dropped!

With last week’s feature focusing on the Play-Button for the Web – Wibbitz – being so well received, shared and re-tweeted by our readers, we’re once again back at it for another ½ fortnight’s worth of fun and factual tweets combined for your reading (and clicking) pleasure in this here WordPress weblog.

…Now to connect with a company that believes good music makes life worth living!

In today’s posting, we will not only share this week’s featured #FollowFriday account, @songza, but will also take our readers in for a closer look at twenty five of the five hundred seventy nine accounts @songza is currently following … a mirror, if you will, into the soul(-cial media) behind a company whose mission is to help you find the radio station that perfectly fits your mood or whatever you’re doing right now; in other words, to help you find your soundtrack.

Yep.  That’s right, we just said it … “soulcial media”.  We also said “a company whose mission is to help you find the radio station that perfectly fits your mood or whatever you’re doing right now; in other words, to help you find your soundtrack” in the same sentence.  Pretty spiffy, huh?

Want to find your soundtrack right now?  Get started at

Featured #FollowFriday Twitter Account

@songza: A free social music app & NYC-based startup

More about Songza

Songza is special for two reasons: our unique radio stations and the way we help people find them.

Our radio stations cover a wide array of themes, contexts, interests, activities, feelings and eras. For example, we have stations called “Songs In Apple Commercials,” “90s One-Hit Wonders,” and “Music of Fashion Week.” Our stations are also made by real people, not algorithms. Some of these people are the music experts that work at Songza, but most of them are users like you and your friends, who want to share their handmade stations with the community.

In order to help you find these great radio stations, we personalize your Songza experience based on your interests. (Think: Netflix, but for music.) Additionally, we use Facebook Connect to show you what your friends are listening to and enjoying, because sometimes that’s the best way to discover new music.

‘The List’

01 @eliasroman:  Co-founder of and

02 @EricSongza:  Also tweeting from @songza and @ericdavich

03 @peterasbill:  #1 BIEBER fan!

04 @CaitRoseDev:  bands, Brooklyn/NYC, and nonsense

05 @donJamokie:  Don’t make me retweet myself

twitter wallpaper

06 @songzasets:  We’ve moved to  Make sure to follow us @songza for updates!

07 @atm:  Hadoop HDFS committer, engineer at Cloudera, retired rapper

08 @Brokyo:  realtime=big time

09 @VHSchneider:  Books, toys, art, sneakers…PR Manager for Eventbrite.

10 @trashrockx:  Design : CSS : Harvest : Drums : Photography : Life

twitter wallpaper

11 @theseunited:  These United States is a band

12 @lprnyc:  Le Poisson Rouge is a multimedia arts and music venue in New York City

13 @faren800:  Just trying to not be ordinary.

14 @tasteasyougo:  Food blogger.  Aspiring world traveler.

15 @visiblevoicebos:  boston live music blog – live recordings, videos, news + free downloads

twitter wallpaper

16 @idsphotography:  #photographer, #designer, #socialmedia, #techie + #more!

17 @MilesFisher:  makes movies and music

18 @petekuhn:  Photos, food, interwebs

19 @Duncanjm703:  Exciting Books Angry Guitars Nice Banjos Sweet Hikes + More!

20 @Rocky2Real:  Ur girl Rocky is too Real & They Can’t Stand It

twitter wallpaper

21 @leahslaughter:  I shall suck seed in this fruitless end ever.

22 @tweetiebirdies:  We empower you to achieve your dreams through smart plans & best practices

23 @SweetRelief:  Healing MUSICIANS in Need

24 @ashleyscorpio:  @Carleton_U Student / Conservative Politico + More!

25 @sarahspy:  NYC pop culture blogger + editor of @storychord

In summary, it looks as though @songza likes to follow anyone that is involved with music, food, books and <insert drum roll> Songza!

That’s a pretty impressive list, right?  It is pretty specific though … Perhaps you’d like to recommend a Twitter account to profile during an upcoming #FollowFriday?  If so, please comment below or send us a tweet.

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